Regarding the Fascist Bomb Threats Against Stuttgart

The two bomb threats pasted together out of letters cut from newspapers for next Friday, June2, in Stuttgart don’t come from the Red Army Faction. Genuine communiqués of the urban guerilla commandos can easily be authenticated by comparing their contents with other raf communiqués. And they are typewritten, as the cops well know.

The fake communiqués, given their contents, their purpose, their essence, and their style, more likely come from the cops themselves.

The cops know this. The Springer journalists, who have published the false communiqués without reservation, know this. Filbinger,[1] Krause,[2] and Klett[3] know this. They are taking precautions only as a pretext to prepare new police actions and to drive the war of nerves to the extreme.

Because the authorities leading the manhunt are receiving no help from the people, they are seizing upon fascist provocation. It is possible that if by Friday they haven’t had any success in their hunt—if they haven’t met their kill quota—they will carry through on the crimes they have threatened. Just as Springer didn’t allow his building to be evacuated, although he himself said he could foresee the attacks coming. Just as the Nazis set the Reichstag on fire and attacked the Gleiwitz transmitter. One must assume that they intend similar communiqués and attacks in the future.

We are not responsible for the crimes of fascists.

The actions of the urban guerilla are directed against the institutions of the class state, imperialism, and capital. They are never directed against working people or against people who have nothing to do with the crimes of imperialism. They are directed against those who plan vicious attacks against the people, such as those announced in the false communiqués, and those carried out daily by U.S. imperialism against the Vietnamese people.

Fight fascism!
Destroy and obliterate the power of imperialism!
Expropriate Springer!

[1]Hans Filbinger (cdu) was, at this time, the Land Chairman of Baden-Württemberg, of which Stuttgart is the capital.

[2]Walter Krause (spd) was, at this time, the Minister of the Interior and acting President of Baden-Württemberg.

[3]Arnulf Klett was, at this time, the Mayor of Stuttgart.