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September 1974

The Expulsion of Horst Mahler

At this point, we have nothing more to say about Horst Mahler’s attempt to buy his freedom with denunciations of the raf (Baader liberation trial). The problem with Horst Mahler has always been that he is a filthy, bourgeois chauvinist, who has transferred the ruling class arrogance which he picked up as a lawyer within the imperialist system—an arrogance that he made his own—to the proletarian revolutionary movement, and this well before the raf.……… Read the rest

Third Hunger Strike

If someone understands their situation— how can they be stopped? This is our third hunger strike against special conditions and the extermination strategy being used against political prisoners in the Federal Republic and West Berlin; against the counterinsurgency program of imperialism’s machinery of destruction, the baw, the bka’s Bonn Security Group/State Security Division for the annihilation of revolutionary prisoners and prisoners who have begun to organize and struggle in the prisons.……… Read the rest

On the Liberation of Andreas Baader

The following text was read by Ulrike Meinhof at her trial alongside Hans-Jürgen Bäcker and Horst Mahler. (M. & S.) This trial is a tactical maneuver, a part of the psychological war being waged against us by the bka, the baw, and the justice system: with the goal of obfuscating both the political ramifications of our trials and the baw’s extermination strategy in West Germany; with the goal of using separate convictions to create the appearance of division, by putting only a few of us on display at any one time; with the goal of erasing the political context of all the raf prisoners’ trials from the public consciousness; with the goal of forever eliminating from the people’s consciousness the fact that on the imperialist terrain of West Germany and West Berlin there is a revolutionary urban guerilla movement.[1]……… Read the rest