No Bomb in Munich Central Station

the bomb attack in munich central station

In order to create greater publicity for this statement from the guerilla regarding the right-wing attacks, on September 14, 1975, we announced that a bomb would explode in Munich Central Station at 6:50 pm. At 6:55 pm, we telephoned to direct the search to locker 2005, in which, rather than a bomb, the following statement was found:

No Bomb in Munich Central Station

september 1975 • no bomb in munuch central station

Disappointed that once again there is no “bloodbath” to blame on “violent anarchists,” as was the case in Birmingham,[1] in Milan,[2] and most recently here at home, in Bremen in December74, and yesterday in Hamburg?

This is to make something perfectly clear to you cops and those of you on the editorial staffs of the newspapers and the radio stations:

The guerilla’s statements and practice show that their attacks are directed against the ruling class and their resistance is against the system’s oppression.

  • In June72, the police tried to create panic in Stuttgart with bomb threats. They used the World Cup to threaten thousands with claims that the guerilla planned rocket attacks against football stadiums. As part of their intimidation, they spoke of a plan to poison the drinking water in Baden-Würrtemberg. In Bremen, in December74, and yesterday in Hamburg, provocateurs acted for real: explosives were set off in the midst of large groups of people. Without any consideration for the health and wellbeing of the people, they turned their threats into deeds, doing everything they can to increase the agitation against the radical left and the guerilla.
  • The guerilla in Germany has attacked the U.S. Army, which was engaged in a war against the Vietnamese people. The guerilla has bombed the Federal Constitutional Court, the capitalist associations, and the enemies of the Chilean and Palestinian people. They kidnapped the cdu leader Lorenz to gain the freedom of political prisoners. They struggle against rising prices and the increased pressure brought to bear on the people, e.g., the Berlin transit price actions.[3]

We demand that the press, the radios, and tv broadcast this statement!

We are the urban guerilla groups

Red Army Faction

2nd of June Movement

Revolutionary Cells

And above all struggle against those who are responsible for planning and carrying out the attacks in Bremen and Hamburg. The choice of targets shows who the culprits are. […][4]

[1] On November21, 1974, bombs in two pubs in Birmingham, England claimed twenty-one lives. These bombings were denounced by the left as a counterinsurgency action meant to discredit the Irish nationalist movement, but the ira acknowledged its responsibility some years later.

[2] On December12, 1969, a bomb exploded in a public square in Milan killing a large number of people. Initially blamed on anarchists, the action was subsequently proven to be the work of fascists supported by the Italian security services and nato.

[3] Many of the actions listed here were carried out by the Revolutionary Cells. For more on this guerilla organization, see pages 436-41.

[4] This was the most complete version of this document available to us.