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April 1977

Statement Calling Off the Fourth Hunger Strike

In recent days, all efforts to break the hunger strike of the remaining 100 prisoners through force-feeding—with extreme brutality in the case of Hamburg-Holstenglacis—have failed. After the prison doctor in Stammheim and the anaesthetist they brought in refused to forcibly administer psychiatric drugs or narcotics to the prisoners, the prison warden, today, April30, 1977, at 12 o’clock, read us a “Binding Declaration from the Ministry of Justice” to the effect that, “after considering the opinion of medical advisors, there will be an immediate centralization in Stammheim of all political prisoners—i.e.,……… Read the rest

The Assassination of Attorney General Siegfried Buback

For “protagonists of the system” like Buback, history always finds a way. On April7, 1977, the Ulrike Meinhof Commando executed Attorney General Siegfried Buback. Buback was directly responsible for the murders of Holger Meins, Siegfried Hausner, and Ulrike Meinhof. In his function as Attorney General—as the central figure connecting and coordinating matters between the justice system and the West German news services, in close cooperation with the cia and the nato Security Committee—he stage-managed and directed their murders.……… Read the rest