Final Communiqué Regarding Hanns Martin Schleyer

After 43 days, we have put an end to Hanns Martin Schleyer’s pitiful and corrupt existence. From the moment he began his power play, Herr Schmidt gambled with the possibility of Schleyer’s death: he can find him on rue Charles Peguy in Mulhouse in a green Audi 100 with Bad Homburg license plates.

As compensation for our pain and suffering over the massacres in Mogadishu and Stammheim, his death is meaningless. Andreas, Gudrun, Jan, Irmgard, and ourselves, we are not surprised by the dramatic and fascist methods the imperialists use to exterminate the liberation movements. We will never forget Schmidt and the alliance that participated in this bloodbath.

The struggle has only begun.
Freedom through armed anti-imperialist struggle