Statement Calling Off the Seventh Hunger Strike

Today, June 26, 1979, the prisoners from the RAF, the other social revolutionary movements, and the social prisoners, are collectively ending the hunger and thirst strike. We are doing this because it has become clear that the FRG aims to use the hunger strike to liquidate any prisoners who were not liquidated at the time of their arrest, through life destroying isolation or by murderous attacks such as those which occurred on October 18, 1977.

This indicates that—as the recent cases of Willi Peter Stoll, Elisabeth von Dyck, and Rolf Heißler made clear—prisoners will no longer be taken.

The FRG believes that it has a handle on international public opinion, and that—especially following the European elections—this will not cause them any embarrassment.

To prevent them from achieving their objective, we are calling off the hunger and thirst strike.

We will now await the outcome of negotiations with the international commission dealing with us, as well as those going on between Amnesty International and the federal minister of justice.

We will not give up our struggle for survival.

RAF Prisoners
June 26, 1979