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The Schleyer Communiqués

September 5th to October 13th 1977 monday, september 5, 1977 The federal government must take steps to ensure that all aspects of the manhunt cease—or we will immediately shoot Schleyer without even engaging in negotiations for his freedom. tuesday, september 6, 1977 On Monday September 5, 1977, the Siegfried Hausner Commando took Hanns Martin Schleyer, the President of the Federal Association of German Industries and the President of the Employers Association, captive.……… Read the rest

The Attack on the BAW

All the theories about the apparatus which we used to prevent the federal prosecutors from sitting comfortably in their offices musing about how to arrange the next murder of a political prisoner, or planning a manhunt or a show trial or raids against citizens and lawyers who sympathize with us, or fabricating all of the lies and the hatred of the “information offensive”—are false.……… Read the rest

The Assassination of Jürgen Ponto

In a situation where the baw and state security are scrambling to massacre the prisoners, we haven’t got a lot of time for long statements. Regarding Ponto and the bullets that hit him in Oberursel, all we can say is that it was a revelation to us how these people, who launch wars in the Third World and exterminate entire peoples, can stand dumbfounded when confronted with violence in their own homes.……… Read the rest

Andreas Baader: On the Geneva Convention

Andreas Baader: On the Geneva Convention June 2nd, 1977 The demand for the application of the Geneva Convention is a necessary vehicle for our politics, because the dead wings, isolation, and stress manipulation are being used to break the group in prison, to prepare for show trials, and to gain information, or more accurately, to gain informants.……… Read the rest

Statement Calling Off the Fourth Hunger Strike

In recent days, all efforts to break the hunger strike of the remaining 100 prisoners through force-feeding—with extreme brutality in the case of Hamburg-Holstenglacis—have failed. After the prison doctor in Stammheim and the anaesthetist they brought in refused to forcibly administer psychiatric drugs or narcotics to the prisoners, the prison warden, today, April30, 1977, at 12 o’clock, read us a “Binding Declaration from the Ministry of Justice” to the effect that, “after considering the opinion of medical advisors, there will be an immediate centralization in Stammheim of all political prisoners—i.e.,……… Read the rest

The Assassination of Attorney General Siegfried Buback

For “protagonists of the system” like Buback, history always finds a way. On April7, 1977, the Ulrike Meinhof Commando executed Attorney General Siegfried Buback. Buback was directly responsible for the murders of Holger Meins, Siegfried Hausner, and Ulrike Meinhof. In his function as Attorney General—as the central figure connecting and coordinating matters between the justice system and the West German news services, in close cooperation with the cia and the nato Security Committee—he stage-managed and directed their murders.……… Read the rest

Fourth Hunger Strike

“Those who understand their situation are unstoppable.” Given the fact that the state has turned treatment outside of the legal norms into a permanent exception and that six years of state security justice has proven that when it comes to us, whether in manhunts or in prison, human and constitutional rights aren’t worth the paper they’re written on, we demand on behalf of the prisoners from the anti-imperialist groups struggling in the Federal Republic, treatment under the minimum guarantees of the 1949 Geneva Convention, specifically Articles 3, 4, 13, 17 and 130.[1]……… Read the rest

Monika Berberich Responds to the Alleged RZ Letter

Only one thing is clear about this letter: its state security function, its function for Buback’s extermination strategy against us in the form it is now taking: psychological warfare to destroy the raf’s politics. That is to say, what is clear in it is the treachery of a section of the undogmatic left, their capitulation to Buback, and their total subservience to his objectives.……… Read the rest

RZ Letter to the RAF Comrades

This letter is addressed to all raf comrades. It is an open letter. We are a section of the Revolutionary Cells (rz). However, many arguments from the undogmatic movement are integrated into this letter, both because we consider these arguments to be correct and because we feel ourselves to be a part of this movement.……… Read the rest