Statement Calling Off the Eighth Hunger Strike

We’ve decided to break off the hunger strike, since it seems that following two interventions by Amnesty International prisoners will no longer be held in individual isolation and more prisoners’ groups will be formed. Also, over the past few days it has become clear that after ten weeks on hunger strike, Sigurd Debus died as a result of force-feeding carried out with the most brutal violence possible. We can barely express our pain about his death.

His will could not be broken.

Intelligence counteractions—such as the bombing of the Cologne subway, and other obscure targets, like laying tree trunks across train tracks—are meant to legitimize his death and the deaths of other prisoners should they occur.

The fact that there is now a resolution doesn’t mean that the state has abandoned its extermination strategy. However, we don’t think that we will repeat the December 1980 experience of the IRA, not least of all because of the solidarity we’ve received.

The prisoners from the RAF
April 16, 1981