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September 1988

Attack on Hans Tietmeyer

Today, with the Commando Khaled Aker [1], we attacked the Secretary of State for the Minister of Finance, Hans Tietmeyer. Tietmeyer is a strategist and a key figure in international crisis management, which, on the national, European, and international levels, strives to render the economic crisis of the imperialist system governable and to prevent the collapse of the economic and financial system.……… Read the rest

Statement of the Red Brigades and the RAF

In order to make revolutionary power possible, and to bring the confrontation to an adequately developed level, there must be a leap forward in the politics of the Front [2]. This is why we must now fight against all dogmatic ideological positions that exist amongst those who struggle in the revolutionary movement in West Europe, because they divide the combatants and because these positions are incapable of bringing about the struggles and victories needed to create the necessary political development.……… Read the rest