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April 1992

Statement By Irmgard Möller Regarding The RAF Cease-FireTo Those Who Struggle Alongside Us

We’d like to briefly state the following: the decision made by our comrades on the outside is a correct one, one which identifies a political process which we prisoners are also a part of [2]. We have wanted – ever since ’89 – to make a break in the entire political spectrum, and such a step can only be taken by all of us together, not just in the area of prisoners.……… Read the rest

To All Who Are Looking For Ways to Organize and to Push Through a Human Life in Dignity Here and Worldwide On Really Concrete Issues

This is what we are looking for as well. There are thousands of questions on the table that scream for a solution, if these problems are not soon faced and solved they will lead humanity into the catastrophe. They are caused by the capitalistic principle that only profit and power have a value and that people and nature are subservient to it.……… Read the rest