RAF Attack Against Ernst Zimmerman

With the Commando Patsy O’Hara [1], we shot the President of the BDLI (Bundesverband der deutschen luft, raumfahrt-, und ausrustuiigsindustrie)[2] and head of the MTU [3], Ernst Zimmermann.

Multinational capital can only avoid a new spiral in the cycle of crisis-reconstruction-crisis, it can only secure the conditions of exploitation, if it plans, prepares and carries out military aggression on all fronts and unites the trilateral bloc – USA, West Europe, Japan — in a common strategy to solve the economic crisis.

The US military strategy, as the extreme expression of the policy of the imperialist chain of States, is an example of the extent of the ideological-economic-military crisis of the system and of the search for a strategic reconstruction of capital. The “New NATO Doctrine” is a precise expression of capital’s plan: electronics, warfare, “intelligent weapons systems,” space weapons and the multiplying of the conventional equipment of NATO armies are meant to open up a “billion markets” for multinational capital, as the BDLI says, and, at the same time, to guarantee military supremacy.

For capital operating in the FRG [4], the military-industrial complex is instrumental in consolidating this strategy and gaining control of the global market , with the objective of securing complete dominance for US capital, as well as the objective of achieving economic penetration by the FRG. In a common attack with France, they revolted, establishing new standards by which they left themselves no alternative but subjugating or containing the others.

The role of the military-industrial complex in the capitalist reconstruction of the central areas will mean a decisive role for research and production of new technologies, electronics and weapons for a war economy. Political powerwill be directly involved in this accumulation-formation, as is all too obvious in the current situation. The economic-political organization of this faction of capital, the BDLI, has established the interests of the military-industrial complex here, in this country, on the West European level and internationally. The European setting is now key. The conditions necessary are the abolition of the arms controls established for the FRG within the WEU [5], military cooperation with other European NATO states, especially France, and the provision of more money to the defense industries for research.

By attacking the pillars of imperialist power in the FRG and West Europe, we are intervening in the sharpening crisis with the goal of impacting its course and resolution in the interests of the offensive of the wars of liberation.

The terrain upon which the European proletariat can reconstruct itself on the basis of class is the struggle for the complete transformation of the relations of production, for the unity of the revolutionary front and for the organization of the class war in West Europe.


Red Army Faction
February 1st 1985



N.B. All footnotes in this document were added by the translator and editor. None are originally from the RAF.

[1] Patsy O’Hara – Irish National Liberation Army Prisoner of War. He died on a hunger strike for political status in May 81. This was the same hunger strike that claimed the life of Bobby Sands and nine other POWs, as well as Patsy. [return to text]

[2] BDLI – Federal Union of German Aerospace- and Heavy Industries. [return to text]

[3] MTU – a West German arms manufacturer. [return to text]

[4] FRG – Federal Republic of Germany, West Germany. [return to text]

[5] WEU – West European Union. [return to text]