Witness Statement Regarding The Shooting Of Wolfgang Grams

“I (…), a resident of Bad Kleinen (…), want to describe the events surrounding the fatal shooting of Wolfgang Grams and the arrest of Birgit Hogefeld. At first, I thought some kids were fooling around. I heard the shots in the foot-tunnel and I thought they were fireworks. Then there was lots of shouting, and I heard a man yell: “Halt, stand still!” At the same moment, there were more shots. Then I saw a man lying on the rails on Track 4. The man was lying on the rails and not moving. Later I heard it was Wolfgang Grams, I thought that Grams was already dead. One agent leaned over and shot Grams several times at close range. And that, despite the fact that be already looked dead. The agent aimed for the head and fired, from very close by, a few centimeters away from Grams’ head. Then a second agent shot at Grams, but he aimed at the stomach or legs. That agent also fired several times. Than a group of masked men came in and stationed themselves with their machine guns by the locomotive of the train in the track nearby, I turned around and hid myself. I didn’t want to see anything more, because I was afraid that they would discover me. I told all of this to the police in Bad Kleinen that same evening in their office. Before that, at around 6 or 7pm, I was at the Billard Cafe in the station. There, some agents, who did not introduce themselves, nor did they show any identification, showed me some black-and-white photos. There were several photos, I don’t remember exactly how many. But I know that several of the photos were of a man and a. woman crossing a street. I recognized that the photos were taken on a street nearby the station. The agent asked if I recognized either of the two people. I said that I recognized the woman, and then the agent said that was enough. That made me mad, because surely the agent would eventually want to know something from me, I realized then that the woman was the woman with blonde hair that I had seen earlier, on Sunday, before everything had happened. At that time, she was wearing glasses and she made a bit of a strange impression on me. Now I know that the agents were at the station for quite some time before the shoot-out, Certainly at least the day before, because how else could they have developed these photos in time? I have to ask myself, why they didn’t arrest the man and the woman then, if they were able to photograph them? When I think about what could have happened if the shoot-out had been just half an hour later, things would have been terrible. Because shortly before 4pm on a Sunday afternoon, there are lots of people in the foot-tunnel, travelers seeking to make the important trains that run during that hour. There could have been many deaths.”

Bad Kleinen, June 30, 1993