Attack on the Heidelberg Headquarters of the U.S. Army in Europe

Every form of monstrosity will be abolished


Yesterday evening, May 24, 1972, two bombs with an explosive capacity of 200 kg of tnt, were detonated in the Heidelberg Headquarters of the American Armed Forces in Europe. The attack was carried out after General Daniel James, Department Head at the Pentagon, said, on Wednesday in Washington, “For the U.S. Air Force, no target north or south of the 17th parallel in Vietnam will be exempt from bombing attacks.” On Monday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Hanoi again accused the United States of bombing densely populated areas of North Vietnam. In the last 7 weeks, the American Air Force has dropped more bombs on Vietnam than were dropped on Germany and Japan during World War ii. Many millions of additional bombs is the response the Pentagon intends to use to stop the North Vietnamese offensive. This is genocide, the slaughter of a people; this is “the final solution”; this is Auschwitz.

The people of the Federal Republic don’t support the security service in its search for the bombers, because they want nothing to do with the crimes of American imperialism and the support it receives from the ruling class here, because they haven’t forgotten Auschwitz, Dresden, and Hamburg, because they know that the bomb attacks against those who commit mass murder in Vietnam are just, and because they know from experience that demonstrations and words are of no use against the crimes of imperialism.

We demand an end to bomb attacks on Vietnam!
We demand a halt to the mine blockade against North Vietnam!
We demand the withdrawal of American troops from Indochina!