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A Word From Russell “Maroon” Shoats

In today’s world ANYONE who dares to raise their voice against ANYTHING being heaped on them by those in power needs to read this book. The repressive methods that the West German state brought to bear against the RAF—detailed by the authors—have been adopted, universalized, and refined, and can be found in use in a prison, jail, detention center or other “holding facility” not far from you.……… Read the rest

Foreword by Bill Dunne

Projectiles for the People, Volume One of The Red Army Faction: A Documentary History, is an important exposition of what it means to wage armed struggle as an urban guerilla in the post WWII western imperial-capitalist paradigm. Via the fast-turning pages of Projectiles, Smith and Moncourt usher us through the RAF ’s emergence in Germany from a moribund and constrained left opposition misdirected and suppressed by U.S.……… Read the rest

Staying Alive: Sensory Deprivation, Torture, and the Struggle Behind Bars

By 1972, practically the whole founding generation of the RAF were behind bars. Yet there was still a second generation and a third generation. Why? Primarily because of the conditions of imprisonment and state-organized terror. Dieter Kunzelmann former K.1 Communard[1] Having captured the ideological leadership of the RAF, the West German state set in motion the second element of their counterinsurgency project: one which would eventually become known as the “Stammheim Model.”……… Read the rest

SAWIO Ultimatum

To the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of West Germany this is to inform you that the passengers and the crew of the lh737 plane, flight no. 181 leaving from Palma to Frankfurt, are under our complete control and responsibility. the lives of the passengers and the crew of the plane as well as the life of Mr.……… Read the rest

Operation Kofr Kaddum

To all revolutionaries in the world To all free Arabs To the Palestinian masses Today, Thursday, October13, 1977, a Lufthansa 737 leaving Palma de Majorca en route to Frankfurt, flight number lh181, passed into the complete control of the Commando “Martyr Halimeh”.……… Read the rest

The Schleyer Communiqués

September 5th to October 13th 1977 monday, september 5, 1977 The federal government must take steps to ensure that all aspects of the manhunt cease—or we will immediately shoot Schleyer without even engaging in negotiations for his freedom. tuesday, september 6, 1977 On Monday September 5, 1977, the Siegfried Hausner Commando took Hanns Martin Schleyer, the President of the Federal Association of German Industries and the President of the Employers Association, captive.……… Read the rest

The Attack on the BAW

All the theories about the apparatus which we used to prevent the federal prosecutors from sitting comfortably in their offices musing about how to arrange the next murder of a political prisoner, or planning a manhunt or a show trial or raids against citizens and lawyers who sympathize with us, or fabricating all of the lies and the hatred of the “information offensive”—are false.……… Read the rest

The Assassination of Jürgen Ponto

In a situation where the baw and state security are scrambling to massacre the prisoners, we haven’t got a lot of time for long statements. Regarding Ponto and the bullets that hit him in Oberursel, all we can say is that it was a revelation to us how these people, who launch wars in the Third World and exterminate entire peoples, can stand dumbfounded when confronted with violence in their own homes.……… Read the rest