Statement Breaking Off the Fifth Hunger Strike

Over the past week, we learned from a member of Amnesty International that the International Executive Committee’s mediation process—to establish more humane prison conditions, in line with the doctors’ demands, and to bring the hunger strike to an end—had broken down, because “the situation had hardened.” And, “following the attacks against the baw and Ponto, the authorities had received instructions from above to make an example of the prisoners.”

That is in keeping with Rebmann’s announcement.

As a result, the prisoners have broken off their strike on the 26th day—so as not to facilitate the murderous plan. They arrived at this decision after they were openly made hostages of state security, and taking into account the federal government’s efforts—arrests, raids, and detentions at the borders—to disrupt the grievance at the Human Rights Commission in Strasburg regarding human rights violations in the Federal Republic.