Occupation of the West German Embassy in Stockholm

To the governments of the Federal Republic of Germany

and the Kingdom of Sweden:

On April24, 1975, at 1:50 pm, we occupied the embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Stockholm and took 12 embassy employees prisoner, including Ambassador Dieter Stoecker, Military Attaché Andreas von Mirbach, Economic Advisor Heinz Hillegaart, and Cultural Advisor Anno Elfgen, in order to free 26 political prisoners in the Federal Republic of Germany, namely:

Gudrun Ensslin, Stuttgart

Andreas Baader, Stuttgart

Ulrike Meinhof, Stuttgart

Jan Raspe, Stuttgart

Carmen Roll, Stuttgart

Werner Hoppe, Hamburg

Helmut Pohl, Hamburg

Wolfgang Beer, Hamburg

Eberhard Becker, Hamburg

Manfred Grashof, Zweibrücken

Klaus Jünschke, Zweibrücken

Wolfgang Quante, Bremen

Ronald Augustin, Bückeburg

Ali Jansen, Berlin

Brigitte Mohnhaupt, Berlin

Bernhard Braun, Berlin

Ingrid Schubert, Berlin

Annerose Reiche, Berlin

Ilse Stachowiak, Hamburg

Irmgard Möller, Hamburg

Sigurd Debus, Hamburg

Christa Eckes, Hamburg

Wolfgang Stahl, Hamburg

Margrit Schiller, Lübeck

Monika Berberich, Berlin

Johannes Weinrich, Karlsruhe

1. Within 6 hours, by 9:00 pm, the imprisoned comrades must be brought to the Rhine-Main airport in Frankfurt. There, they must be allowed to speak freely amongst themselves and with their lawyers. They must be allowed to broadcast information by radio and television concerning the course of events.

Contact between ourselves and the prisoners must be provided, first by telephone, and later by radio, and must be maintained until their arrival in whatever country agrees to receive them.

A Lufthansa Boeing 707, fully fueled, with a 3-man crew, must be held at the ready at the Rhine-Main airport.

Within 10 hours, by 1:00am, the prisoners must be flown out of the frg. They must be accompanied only by Backlund, the Kingdom of Sweden’s Ambassador in the frg, and one of their lawyers. We will tell you the destination once the flight is underway.

The federal government must give each of the prisoners 20,000 dollars.

2. Our statement and statements from the prisoners or their lawyers must be immediately distributed to the international press agencies and broadcast unedited over radio and television in the frg.

Throughout the entire process, the government must announce its decisions through the mass media. The departure of the comrades must be broadcast live by television in the frg and Sweden.

3. Our demands are not negotiable, nor will we extend the period of time in which they are to be fulfilled. If the Federal Republic tries to delay the freeing of the prisoners, we will shoot one official from the frg’s foreign office for each hour that the time limit of the 1st or 2nd ultimatum is exceeded. Any attempt to storm the embassy will result in the death of everyone in the building. In the case of an attack, 15 kg of tnt will detonate in the embassy enclosure.

After they land, the freed comrades will confirm by radio that they have been granted permission to stay. We will then free some of the embassy employees and announce our means of departure.

We will be human beings—freedom through armed anti-imperialist struggle.

Responsibility for the shooting of Military Attaché Andreas von Mirbach lies with the police, who, despite repeated warnings, failed to vacate the embassy building.